The piano has very little wear on the action components and basically the piano  is a fine example of the model O.The project will necessitate stripping all the components,removing the frame and  restringing.veneer was missing from both cheeks and this has been replaced.The action will be completely taken apart and rebuilt with new parts as necessary.The rosewood case will be stripped and re polished.The various photos above, give an overview of the ongoing project and these will be added to,as the project continues.....If you have any questions or might be interested in purchase  feel free to make contact by email or phone.

Current rebuild project

STEINWAY MODEL O built in1910 Hamburg

Piano Tuning and Repair
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Update 19th January 2019.

The main case was stripped and re finished.The frame was removed and re guilded and put back.
The last 2 months has seen the restoration progress at a steady rate.The soundboard having been stripped and re varnished.It was in fine condition with no structural cracking,the next task was to re string which took about a week.New bass strings were ordered and fitted.The unrestored action was fitted so that the strings could be brought up to pitch and for the first time in many years the beauty of the tone came through.
   The next stage was to start on rebuilding the action.On doing many checks it was found that many of the parts were in perfect condition as the piano had not been used much in its life.
I have decide to retain the original hammers for that reason.They are in excellent condition and very little wear.I want to retain the originality of the instrument as much as possible.I have renewed the rollers and re pinned all the flange centres as a matter or course along with replacing the hammers rest felts.It was basically a matter of complete disassembly of the action and cleaning everything as there were many years of dirt and  grime built up on all the components.The hammers were re shaped and cleaned and at last after many hours the action was finished.
 The dampers were very misshaped and were replaced with new.The keyframe was next,complete clean up of same and attention was then on the keys.They were not chipped but had yellowed,so it was a matter of bleaching out the yellow with chemicals and finally polishing them.The key pin felts were retained as again there was minimal wear and no play in the keys.
Everything was returned to the piano and the work of setting up the action began and is still continuing.In the meantime I stripped the legs and lyre and refinished them.
So as of today,the piano is a working instrument,it is in tune and sounds glorious.The next stage is to continue working on refining the action adjustments.
​In the next coming weeks the rest of the casework will be stripped and re polished.The piano should be completed in about a month.
I will put another update on here when the piano nears final completion.
If you have any questions or would be interested in possible purchase,please feel free to contact me.    Browse the  photo gallery.....enjoy.