Tuning and Restorations
Tel. 0116 2596660                
email;   richardyoungpianos@gmail.com

Richard is a fully qualifed 'Aural' tuner.
Electronic tuners lack the accuracy compared to professionally trained aural tuning

I provide a piano tuning and repair service covering Leicester,Leicestershire,North Northamptonshire,South Lincolnshire,South Derbyshire,South Nottinghamshire with Leicester being the central hub.The standard tuning fee is £70 for these areas. There might be an extra charge for work further afield. The fee covers regulation where needed and small repairs such as sticking keys,hammers rubbing,pedal adjustments,and various clicks etc..More involved repair work can be assessed on site and discussed with client. A tuning usually takes no more than an hour.

All work is undertaken by myself Richard Young. I am a qualified tuner technician with 27 years experience.I am also M.I.M.I.T. qualified (Member of the Institute of Musical Instrument Technology.)
Booking a tuning is easy just fill out the online form and i will email back, usually within 12 hours, with a suggestion when I can visit and if agreeable it will be booked in on the arranged day and time.Payment is on the day by cash or cheque made out to 'Youngs Pianos'

If you prefer to discuss your requirements with me just call 0116 2596660 anytime.     

Or if you prefer

Call 0116 2596660 to arrange